I forgot to mention! I’ve just returned home from a two week holiday in Florida visiting my friend. It was great to be over there again, and the weather was simply so much better than the dusky, rainy and gray Netherlands.

It’s quite sad to be back home really. I’m already panicking about going back to work on Tuesday. I feel like I wanna have a tantrum like a four year old and throw myself down on the floor yelling and kicking, screaming ‘I don’t wanna! I don’t wanna!’

That’s exactly how you should feel, right?

Anyway, had a really good time in Florida. It was over much too quick though. I’ll have to go back soon since my friend was busy with work a lot though, so I didn’t get so see her as much as I would have liked to.

Some thoughts after my holiday:

1. I prefer manual transmission on my cars. (I’ve never managed to smash someone’s head against the dashboard in a manual one.)

2. Automatics do have the advantage of freeing up one hand. Drinking Coke in the car is a whole lot easier when you don’t have a gear-stick to maneuver.

3. The weather is much better in Florida. (Why do I live in NL?)

4. Some dogs don’t know when to stop.

5. There are people who I don’t mind giving a back-rub.

6. My sister can be really quiet when she doesn’t know people. Who would’ve known? I thought I was the shy one…

7. America has drive-thru EVERYTHING. Is there any other country which has a drive-thru ATM?

8. I cannot shoot pool to save the life of me.

9. Mudslides are the best drinks ever. How could I NOT have one this time?

10. I want to go back.

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