Happy Valentine’s Day

Chocolate Hearts
Yes, it showed up this year as well – and as usual I have no one to celebrate it with. Not that it’s that big a deal, as my sister always says it’s become very commercial and you should show your love for one another every day rather than a specific day of the year. I did however get some cute heart-shaped chocolates from my grandma 🙂

Today I went for a trip outside – there has been very little of that lately since there’s a lot of snow, making it difficult to skip around on crutches with a broken leg – to visit my aunt for a few hours. My mom and everyone was there as well since we were celebrating my aunt’s stepson. It was nice to get outside for a bit even if getting down the stairs outside my door (and up is even worse) is a bit of an ordeal, but sitting inside all the time isn’t the most fun thing either!

It’s coming to an end though, on Thursday (19th) I finally get to take the cast off. I can’t wait! Anyway, here are some photos of my emo-cast as I call it since it’s black and the reason why going outside is not so easy 🙂

The Emo Cast

Snow outside, lots of it!


Happy Valentine’s Day — 1 Comment

  1. Jaa, bilder på Emogipset! Läckert tycker jag absolut 🙂

    Alltid trevligt att få choklad, oavsett vilken dag det är.

    Härligt snöig bild oxå, men jag är glad att jag bor i Malmö.

    Håller tummarna att allt går som det ska den 19:e

    Kramar i massor!

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