Going Home

I’m going back home to Sweden tomorrow for a week and a bit.

Basically, I was made an offer I couldn’t refuse. My aunt and uncle offered to pay for my flight ticket if I would come and take care of their dog while they go on vacation. Since I don’t have a job yet, I’m not one to say no to a free flight back home!


I’m looking forward to seeing my niece and nephew again after three months away! I know that’s not really long, and it will be a lot longer in the future between visits – but since it’s all fairly new, it feels good to see them again so soon. (We haven’t told them that I’m coming home, so it should be a surprise for them as well!)

It’ll be nice seeing the rest of my family as well of course, though I won’t get to see them all since they’re spread out in various parts of Sweden. Since I’m taking care of a dog, I can’t be travelling around, so I will have to see the others another time. At least I’ll get so see a fairly large percentage of them, since I’ll be in my original home town.

There’s also all the Swedish food that I’ve been missing. You have no idea how much I’m looking forward to some of my favourite things again!

I’m so lucky that the boyfriend can work half-days from home, meaning that he can be there and take care of Bailey (else I wouldn’t have been able to go). It’ll give the two of them some good bonding time as well. And as I keep telling the boyfriend, it also gives me a reason to come back, since he has my dog. (He absolutely hates it when I do that joke though!)

So, Sweden tomorrow! (Well barely, I land at 22.20 so won’t really be back in my home town until past midnight most likely.)


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  1. Oh, that’s really nice! It might help ease the stress of moving, too, if you have a little break. And time to stock up on things that can be transported with you to England and gorge on the things that can’t.

    • Yes! I am bringing a big suitcase in the hopes of filling it with Swedish goodies on the return flight! Already made plans for some of my favourite Swedish dishes when I’m over as well *lol* This will be a culinary trip! Or, to be fair… “gorging” is probably a better word 😛

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