I’ve been in the UK for five months now, and while I’m very happy to finally be living with the boyfriend – I’m also sometimes a bit sad.

Firstly, I miss my family. Especially the little ones that I used to live with. I’ve gone from seeing them every other week to seeing them like twice a year, with the odd Skype call here and there in between. It’s not an easy adjustment to make.

I also miss friends. That was partly a problem in Sweden too, since all but one of my friends live in the Netherlands (and one in Australia). Locally, I only ever had one friend. I hung out with my brother a lot (the one I lived with), and I miss having someone to do stuff with. As long as I didn’t try to drag him along to a chick-flick, my brother was pretty much always up for a visit to the cinema, or going out for a meal. Even shopping I could generally count on him to come for (as long as it wasn’t IKEA, since that’s his most despised store.. He doesn’t mind the stuff you buy, he just hates the physical store).

My local friend and I didn’t meet up that often, but we used to chat on the phone a fair bit. When we did meet up it was usually for take-out and a couple of horror movies. We both enjoy terrible horror movies, but generally not enough to watch one alone (no matter how bad they are).

Here, I’m feeling rather isolated. The friends we hang out with sometimes are the boyfriend’s friends. And while they’re all very nice, they’re still mainly his friends. I’ve hung out a couple of times with one of the other girlfriends in the group, and she’s really nice – but because she’s been around for a long time, she already has a lot of friends.

Which is often the problem when you move to a new place as an adult. Most people meet their friends in school, and while you can still meet a few at work – I think you seldom find very close friends later in life. (Correct me if I’m wrong, this could just be my interpretation.)

I did meet a good friend back in the Netherlands at work. We just clicked. Her weird matched my weird, you know? It’s difficult to keep in touch when in different countries though, and so these days we mostly check each other’s Facebook statuses. We had some good times back in the day though, didn’t we Erin?

This is equally applicable to friends, I think!

This is equally applicable to friends, I think!


The people I work with at school are all very nice, but no one’s made any signs of wanting to hang out outside of work (and I’m too shy to ask myself). Maybe it will get better later, but for the time being – it does make me feel a bit alone.

Which is weird in a way, because I’m not an overly social person, and I’m quite happy not to go out and do stuff most of the time. I think I’m just missing the option to call someone up and ask them if they’d like to go see a movie/go shopping. And I miss having someone to talk to.


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  1. I feel the same after having lived here almost two years now. I like all my coworkers, but not in a let’s hang out outside of work way (dissimilar interests, sadly), and it’s a small retirement town otherwise. I do get up to see my friends every few months, but a four hour round trip is tough to do too often. 🙁

    Here is hoping we both find some mutual weirdos!

    • It’s always difficult when moving to a new place. I don’t even want to think about how long it took me in NL before I made some good friends. Definitely at least 2-3 years. It doesn’t help being a bit awkward and nerdy (me, not saying you are!), combined with introversion we don’t have an easy time! 😀

      Hear hear! (on mutual weirdos!)

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