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My mom is selling her house, and it came out on the Swedish site the other day. It feels strange seeing it up there among other houses for sale, since this one is ours. I haven’t lived there for ages, but it’s still “our” house. We moved in 1988, and have spent practically every Christmas there since. This year we may not do so (depends on when it gets sold), and next year we definitely won’t.

It’s a strange feeling knowing that the house where my brothers and sister grew up is about to no longer be in the family. I always sort of wanted to buy it myself eventually, but in my current situation there is no way I could do so. Maybe if I’m lucky by the time I’m in a better situation the new owners want to sell. But then again, if they end up as fond of the house as we have been, maybe they’ll stay 24 years too?

Mom’s House

Link to the sales site with more photos for the curious.


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  1. That house and its grounds are gorgeous. No wonder you kept it for 24 years. And fall is the perfect time to photograph a place like that, it looks amazing with the green against the reds and yellows of fall.

  2. That is absolutely gorgeous! I wish I had the means and language capabilities to move to Sweden and live in such a house.
    My dad recently sold our family house, I know how weird it feels seeing your ‘home’ like this, but you get used to it, I like to walk past my old house when I do go back to that town now even though dads new house is beautiful it’s not mine lol!

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