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My cold has been lingering for a really long time, but it’s finally getting better. For about a week I could barely sleep because I was coughing 24/7, but now it’s nearly gone. During this period I may or may not have been binge-watching some tv-shows and movies.

The other day my brother and I watched the movie Self/less (I recommend it, by the way), and it got me into a Ryan Reynolds craze for a bit. We ended up re-watching Blade: Trinity (it’s still as bad as it was when it first came out btw, but Ryan is still hilarious in it), just for Ryan. And last night I watched The Proposal, which is a romantic comedy.

I love romantic comedies. Not all of them, some are pretty awful, but some just hit that “aaaww” spot. Well, and Ryan Reynolds being in it helps. This one hits that spot for me. It’s funny and sweet at the same time, with not too many cringe-worthy parts. Though it gets close to the “successful career woman who will only be happy once she finds a man that fixes her life”-trope. Still… Dunno, it doesn’t bother me too much in this particular one. She’s still a successful career woman at the end of the movie, and her growth as a character isn’t just because she finds a man.

Anyway, I’ve been watching that, as well as a tv-show with a “will they-won’t they” type theme, that had some pretty sweet parts. I can’t help it. I like tv-shows where I can “ship” couples. And cute, fluffy movies. (I like others too… but that post isn’t about those!)

Also, this is pretty me when watching things like The Proposal.

Does anyone else like romantic movies? What about tv-shows where you can ship couples?


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  1. What I found funny about the Proposal is that Sandra Bullock plays a Canadian who wants American citizenship, and Ryan Reynolds is the American she chooses to help her get it.

    In real life, Ryan Reynolds is a Canadian (he graduated from the same high school as I did!), and Sandra Bullock is an American.

    I like some romantic movies. I, like you, really don’t like the “woman saved from being a workaholic by the love of a good man.” They are not mutually exclusive, Hollywood execs! Successful women can find love, too, and theoretically, a happy marriage will help further both half of the couple’s goals.

    • Oh yes, I did think about that when watching it too *lol* Though I couldn’t quite remember if she was American or not. (I know he’s Canadian).

      I’ve been trying to remember other rom-coms I like, and actually am coming up short. Most of them are quite awful. I especially hated one with Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler (and I love Gerard Butler!), which hit pretty much all of the “pet peeves”-boxes. When I was in the hospital Pretty Woman was on TV, and that one is quite sweet. But there are parts of it that really make me cringe (he’s a total ass to her sometimes as well). Some scenes were funnier than I remembered though (like the business dinner), which was bad, since laughing was quite painful at the time *lol*

      Most of the romantic movies I like are probably period pieces. Pride & Prejudice.. Emma (the TV mini-series was great!).. Oh, I remember loving Ever After as a teenager. I wonder how that would hold up now. (I do remember liking that she actually saved herself rather than the prince coming to her rescue.. well, he did – but by then she’d freed herself.)

      I feel like I’m digressing here… I just love romance. But rom-coms are quite bad at delivering, I guess. TV-shows do a better job of it (well, some shows at least). So, I guess in the end I will say I prefer the period romantic movies. Except The Proposal, and I may be viewing that through Ryan Reynolds-tainted glasses 😀 (OMG I can’t wait for the Deadpool movie!)

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