First Day

Yesterday was my first day at my new job and I was incredibly nervous leading up to it, barely sleeping the night before. It all went well though and everyone at the new workplace seem really nice and helpful.

My job is a 6 months project where I’ll be helping them take photos of their stock and then link it to their webshop. Eventually we’ll work a bit on the structure and look of the webshop as well, but for now I mainly take and edit photos.

Since they deal with spare parts, it’s not the most interesting things to take photos of, but it’s still something different and not just sitting behind a desk all day.

Also it allows me to take such… eh… inspiring images such as these…



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  1. Hey Saga,

    they are really nice snaps. Good shots. You are a very talented photographer.
    Wish you all the best for this Quest 🙂 hehe

    Take care.

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