I’m running out of energy very quickly lately. To the point where I’m tempted to say that I don’t have any left. I’m having to force myself to do everything, and it’s getting more and more difficult. When I’m not working, I’m usually sleeping. When actually awake and not at work, I don’t really do anything, I just half-watch some tv-show or do some easy bits in a game.

Twice a week I have to get up at 5.30 rather than the usual 7. And then do a full day’s work, alone at the office. It’s stressful work, and I’m not handling it well. This morning there was a difficult thing to solve, and I was struggling a lot. I was feeling so tired and worn down that for a while I could do nothing but cry.

Last night I was crying too. I’m just feeling so tired, and that in turn makes me feel frustrated. But most of all I just feel tired.

It’s an awful feeling when you’re feeling so tired that all you want to do is sit in a corner and cry. Or maybe sleep. Sleep sounds good.


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  1. Hello there!
    My name is Giulia, I’m an Italian 20-year-old student, and I stumbled upon your blog while choosing a name for mine (I’m going for The Idle Thinker, if you don’t mind, because it’s a reference to my favourite book, The Idle Traveller by Dan Kieran).
    I read your story on the old page, and I have to say that it was very inspiring. (I feel this is going to be quite a long comment)
    First of all, I am passionate about languages, and one of my goals for this year is to learn Swedish. I think your country is one of the most fascinating in the world, both for its nature and its traditons. I really wish I could visit it one day.
    I was also inspired by your travels, as I myself would like to move to different countries in the future, and your story gave me hope – which isn’t an easy task, given the effort that journalists and politicians do to make sure we only see the future with negativity and pessimism – so I profoundly thank you for that.
    Your blogging and your passion for books also sparkled my interest in reading again, for which I keep telling myself that I don’t have the time. I will try to turn it into a habit again.
    I read your last posts, and especially this one, and I wish you all the best for the present and the future.
    I’ll be looking forward to reading you again!

    • Thanks for your lovely comment!

      I have to admit, that it’s not often I come across someone who’s interested in learning Swedish. It’s really cool that you do though, and I wish you the best of luck with it! My dad was a teacher in Swedish as a second language for some time, teaching it to immigrants coming here.

      One thing that the EU has brought with it, is the ease with which we can actually move between the European countries now. When I moved to the Netherlands, there was no need to apply for any visas or similar – you pretty much just show up, go to your local city hall and say “Hi, I’m here now!”

      When you start your blog, I’d love to read it, so please come back and share the link (if you’d be okay with that, of course) 🙂

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