I’m a big fan of Etsy. You can find a lot of neat things there, and lately I buy a fair amount of my gifts from that site. (When I can wait for the delivery time.) It’s difficult to find gifts sometimes, when your budget is limited. Most of the things people wish for are things they can’t necessarily buy themselves, and if they can’t buy it – then the odds are I can’t. So instead, I’m trying to find some more personal gifts on Etsy.

During Christmas I got a few things, mainly related to Hearthstone for my siblings who are into that game. And in January my dad and sister H had their birthdays, so I got them some personal things.

My dad is a guitar player, so I got him this guitar pick:


My sister got a Kindle for her birthday from mom and them, so I got her this cover for it. From the description it’s made to look like the first edition of Pride & Prejudice. I don’t know how true that is, but it’s still a neat looking cover. (A quick Google search later, and I can tell you this was actually the 1895 edition. I’m not surprised, since the original publication never named the author.)


When looking at Etsy, I can find so many neat things. Many that I want myself. If I won the lottery, I’d fill my house with things from Etsy. And pets. It’s probably best that I don’t win the lottery…


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