Yesterday the removal company came by and picked up all of my stuff. So at the moment I’m pretty much living out of a suitcase. I kept my PC and a suitcase with clothes/toiletries, but that’s pretty much it.

My stuff, before the pick-up.

My stuff, before the pick-up.

I’m spoiled in a way though, because I actually still get to sleep in my own bed. You see, I gave it to my brother so that he could use it in his guest room. And guess who’s currently his guest? Win-win!

Still, it feels pretty empty now, with most of my stuff gone. It’s a strange feeling. But it’s only a couple of weeks until I get them back, and then I’ll be in my new home!

It’s been a busy week, and I’m glad that it’s finally coming to an end. The beginning of next week should be a lot calmer. All I need to do is try to hang out with my friend before I leave, get hold of the jobseeker agency for them to sign a paper and prepare for the long drive. Still, it’s a lot less than this week, so I’m happy.

To finish off this post, a photo I took yesterday morning when taking the dogs out for a walk.



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