So… I finished watching Elementary, and while I have a whole slew of other tv-shows to watch… None of them felt enticing at the moment. Then I discovered that Jonny Lee Miller (who plays Sherlock in Elementary) was in the BBC adaption of “Emma” (you know, the Jane Austen novel).

I loved the novel Emma when I read it. And as a teenager I was enamored with the movie Emma, with Gwyneth Paltrow. This BBC adaption is from 2009, so the most recent version of the story – and I decided to watch it.

It’s a mini-series in four parts – which means it can fit a lot more detail than either of the previous movies. There are a few changes made compared to the book (I can live with that, it’s quite common after all), but nothing too jarring. In fact, some things are made a little bit more easy to follow because of them. (There’s a lot of who’s related to who that can be difficult to follow at times in the book/older movies.)

Some people didn’t like the actress who played Emma in this adaption, and I was unsure at first. But as she matured as a person I was liking her more and more. She actually plays the part quite well.

And Mr Knightley. Oh, I *loved* Jonny Lee Miller as Mr Knightley.

The rest of the cast were really good as well. Michael Gambon as Emma’s father was perfect. I won’t go on and on (I could!), but I will say that if you enjoy period drama and then especially Jane Austen; you really should give this a watch!

Does anyone else love the Jane Austen movies/tv-series?



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    • Oh yes! I love that show. I don’t know how many times I’ve watched it. Mm.. Mr Darcy.

      I saw the movie that came out a few years ago as well. Actually quite enjoyed it. Can’t really be compared to the BBC production, of course. You have to squeeze in so much in such a short time. But I thought it was good still. Admittedly.. I tend to enjoy all of the Austen versions. The more, the better!

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