Doing Things (or not)

I’m in one of my periods of little energy again, and I seem to sleep more than anything else… Then again, sometimes it feels like my whole life the last few years is one of those periods, so not sure it’s something new. There are times when it feels a bit worse though, but I honestly couldn’t say if it’s true or just a perception thing. Since it’s not like I get loads done at any point since I got sick.

What I have done lately though, is go through the stuff I have in storage in preparation for the move and getting rid of some more things. Need to keep the load down for the move. I ended up tossing some more books (*cry*). It feels awful, but we just don’t have the space for them. Even after throwing out so many books, I still have loads, and the boyfriend might wonder where we’re going to put them all. I’ve really tried hard to get rid of as many as I can though. It’s just… I love them! I love books! Throwing them out is just so hard.

I’ve also gone through my closets to throw out clothes I don’t really use much, trying to trim some there as well. It wasn’t that much to get rid of though, since I’d already thrown out a lot when I left my apartment. Still, I managed to get another bag of clothes that I can donate.

Before the move I want to go through the moving boxes in storage one more time, a bit more thoroughly. I think there are some more things I can remove that I don’t need to bring. (For example, I remember packing a couple of lamps, and has since realised that it’s stupid – since UK has different electical sockets, so they won’t work anyway.)

I also have two moving boxes (plus a little bit more) of old writing pads filled with stories I wrote as a teenager. I want to write them on the PC, because that way I get to keep the stories, but can throw the pads and basically save two moving boxes worth of space. (Not to mention storage space in the new place.)

Just need to find some energy to do it. Maybe I need to do a little bit per day. Like, a few pages a day or something. Just to get it done.


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