A Scandinavian clothing company called Lindex went out with an ad recently where they showcase a bunch of women that work in their stores. The tagline is about multitude and diversity. Which sounds great. We need to see things outside of the norm. I appreciate ads that show me women of all shapes, sizes and colours.

Then you look at the actual photo…



I’m sorry? Diversity must have a different meaning than the one I was aware of… Because to me those women all look nearly identical. All white, all slim… Oh wait, one has blonde hair. So that’s diverse… I guess? Seriously? Out of all the women that work for them, this was all they could come up with? No variation in body type. No variation in ethnicity. Their smiles even look exactly the same!

If they’d just said that they handpicked women from their company, and left it at that – I may not have said anything. But to actually claim that they wanted to show the diversity of their company… Please. The tomatoes in my fridge show more diversity than these women.


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