Day 1 out of 365

Since I’m so bad with writing and updating in this blog I’ve decided to set myself a challenge. For the next year, I will write one post every day, starting today.

It might only be a few sentences some days, but I want to at least get something jotted down, just to see if I can keep going.

So, let’s start with some updates on what’s happened since the last time I wrote. Well, I moved to my new apartment in November, and I really love it. I do hope to get some photos up of it soon – I just need to get the last few things sorted since obviously I want the photos to look nice.

Today my brother moved in with me, so the place will actually look a bit odder for a while – with an extra bed in the living room etc. But I’ll try to get some photos out soon anyway.

Christmas was nice, lots of time spent with family and my sister coming up from Lund to spend the holidays with us. Now it’s suddenly 2011 and I can’t quite believe how fast 2010 came and went.

The photo is to demonstrate how messy my place is as my brother was carrying his stuff inside. We’re going to spend this evening and weekend sorting it all out. I had a horrible headache when I woke up and it persisted through most of the day, but it’s finally subsiding so I should be able to help out and get some of the furniture moved that needs to be – though I think most of it we will do tomorrow.

Anyway, more soon – I really want to stick to my 365 days challenge!


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