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As always, I’m late to the party in finding another TV-show that I enjoy. I think this one is currently on its seventh season, but in a way that’s just great – since it means more for me to watch!

The show I’m talking about is Castle, and I have to say that I’m really enjoying it. In it you can see Nathan Fillion (from Firefly) starring as the best-selling crime novelist Richard Castle. The first episode has a murderer killing people in the same way that Castle did in some of his books, which makes him the focus of the investigation. He’s quickly discovered not to be guilty though, and gets to consult on the case, since who would know these murders better than he?

This is the start of a collaboration between him and the police department. As the show continues he gets to stick around and “consult” on cases, as research for his novels. (All thanks to him being friends with the Mayor.)

The show is really funny, while also having interesting murder mysteries every week. I especially enjoy Castle interacting with the police detectives, since he often has a different idea of the crimes. “It wouldn’t make for a good story”, is one of his common complaints when he doesn’t feel that they’ve found the correct solution.

Him being a writer also gives us gems like, “Whoever killed this woman, also murdered the English language.” (The killer had written things on the victims forehead, but the grammar was bad.)

Another thing I enjoy in the show is that Castle isn’t an Alpha male. Sure, he’s famous, handsome and can get almost any woman he wants. But he’s not macho. He will let out some very girly screams at times, and I love it. Nathan Fillion does this part so incredibly well.

If you’re looking for another show to watch, definitely give Castle a try!



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