Crazy Day

My colleague, that I normally work next to for my rehabilitation/training, is on vacation this week and will be back Friday. So Monday-Wednesday I’m covering for her, and it’s been absolutely crazy.

I can’t remember if I’ve explained what we do. Part of the job is to handle the lists of all the staff, and the temp staff that we have that we can call in when they’re needed. Basically, any time an employee is sick or having a day off – we’re in charge of finding them a substitute. Because I work for the municipality – we’re keeping track of fifteen or so workplaces. Some with as few as five staff, and some with closer to fifty. In total, it’s quite a lot of people – and because they work in elder care and disability, in close proximity, if one gets sick – they’re often not the only one.

The last week or so has been insane, since there’s a stomach bug running wild, as well as the flu. We’re having a ridiculous amount of sick people right now, and are quite simply running out of subs to send out. (Some work places have very few subs to begin with, and they often have other jobs as well – so you can’t always match it.)

Yesterday I had a training course at work for most of the day, so to get some of the subs sorted I was in the office at 6.30. Then I was at the training for most of the day, and after that had to try to sort out the remainder of the subs. In total I put in eleven hours, which is quite a jump from my normal four to five. Needless to say, I was quite tired last night. (And I still have the on-call phone for people calling in sick until 21.30 at night – so I wasn’t even done when I went home.)

Today has been marginally better, in that at least I could go home earlier – even if I still have the phone on me until 21.30. (I have it from 6.30 in the morning to 21.30 at night – in case someone calls and I need to get a last minute sub.) But most of the calls come in between 8-16 (office hours). But every morning so far I’ve had calls at 6.30 for sick people calling in, and their shifts have started at 7 or 7-15. I suspect tomorrow will be the same.

Normally I have Wednesdays off, but this week I have to work since my colleague is away. It’s okay though, because Thursday is a national holiday so I’m off work, and I got Friday off instead of Wednesday (since colleague is back then), which means… *drum roll* four day weekend! Woohoo! Which I will need after all of this!



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