Cinnamon Rolls

One of the most commonly baked goods in Sweden is probably cinnamon rolls. For some reason we even have “The Cinnamon Roll’s Day” (Kanelbullens Dag), which is always on October 4th. I suspect we’re the only country in the world that has a day dedicated to a baked bun? Or?

Not only that, but we have more days like that! We also have a “Fat Tuesday” or old word was White Tuesday, which is in reality some related to some Christian holiday that we’ve completely perverted to now only really be about eating this specific Swedish thing called a semla. (A bun with whipped cream and almond paste, basically.) (If I remember correctly, it’s always the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. I guess we used to want to fatten up before going into lent?)

Oh, and we also have a day dedicated to waffles. Yep. The waffle day. Interestingly enough, this is also an old Christian holiday that we’ve perverted into waffles. (I think it’s Annunciation Day or something in English? The day Virgin Mary was told by the angel Gabriel about being pregnant.) But yes, we’ve made it about waffles. Please don’t tell the pope.

I think we can safely say that Swedish people love their baked goods.

Niece enjoying her cinnamon roll.

Niece enjoying her cinnamon roll.


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  1. Fat Tuesday = Mardi Gras, also the day before Ash Wednesday. And I think everyone has heard of what New Orleans did with it! 😀

    I don’t think we have any official days dedicated to baked goods, but we had Thanksgiving, which is based on (in Canada, at least) old harvest festivals from our European ancestors from various many different countries. It is next week, and I will be roasting a toddler sized turkey! Mmm.

    • OMG I never realied it was Mardi Gras! Hooray, we are not the worst!

      We have nothing for Thanksgiving over here. Considering how many harvest things we have, I’m actually surprised that we don’t. We still celebrate Midsummer’s Eve, which I believe back in Viking days was Summer Solstice and they would pray for a good harvest (to Frey and Freya).

      I do find it interesting how a lot of Christian holidays basically just took over from the old hedonistic ones. Like Winter Solstice (Yule) = the birth of Jesus Christ and Summer Solstice turned into a feast day for St. John the Baptist. One might almost think that the church did it on purpose to make it easier to convert people (just let them celebrate on the same days!) *cough*

      They can never quite stomp out the weird Swedish stuff we have though. Easter is still mainly about witches over here. Specifically, Easter witches. I guess they’re a special breed? Who knows… but apparently we have them. Yes, we dress up our children as witches on Easter… Maybe that’s why we’re one of the countries with the least religious people? We secretly still want Thor!! (Maybe if he looks like Chris Hemsworth)

      Okay, it’s late and I’m getting weird. And possibly digressing a lot.

      • I think that is the theory behind most Christian holidays, is that they took over the original pagan holidays celebrated in various countries to make it easier to convert. “Oh, hey, we ALSO totally celebrate around this time, hey, cool, you can worship OUR god and still celebrate!!”

        Your Easter sounds fun. Is it Sweden who had the girls with candles on their heads in winter?

        And I mean, who wouldn’t want Thor if he looked like Chris Hemsworth? I think straight men want Thor when he looks like Chris Hemsworth!

        • Oh yeah, I didn’t mean to make it sound like that was just for Sweden… We’re only special in that we turned it all into baked goods holidays instead now 😀

          Easter here is fun! I will miss it now that I move away. Do you think I could introduce Easter witches in the UK? *lol* And yes, we’re the ones with the girls who have candles on their heads. It’s a holiday called Lucia, and it happens every year on December 13. One girl gets to be “Lucia” and the rest are like the “Lucia maidens” or something. Only the Lucia has the “crown of candles”, the rest usually has a single candle in their hands. Sometimes you have male “maidens” too, but they then have a different name. They walk around in a train and sing songs specific to winter and Lucia. Most schools do it (they often allow the kids to dress up as gingerbread men and santa’s elves too). Most towns have their own elected Lucia every year through voting, and there’s also one national one for all of Sweden.

          Oh yes, please give me Chris Hemsworth-Thor. Heck… I’ll even take Tom Hiddleston-Loki. He doesn’t have the body… But he certainly has the charisma!

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