Busy Week Ahead

This week is going to be very busy!

First of all, I need to finish the last bit of packing in preparation for the moving company arriving on Wednesday. Basically, everything is going, except what I can fit in my suitcase. Well, also keeping my PC and the main monitor. Partly because I want to be able to keep using it, and partly because I don’t feel comfortable leaving it in the hands of a removal company – no matter how able they are.

Been doing laundry over the weekend to make sure that I can pack all of the clothes I don’t need as well as the bed clothes I want to keep. And putting on the ones I’m okay to part with… Since my bed is staying where it is. My brother will use it in his guest bedroom. Sadly, my desk isn’t coming either (it’s so pretty!) nor my bookcases. I am bringing a couple of cupboards that can serve as bookcases though.

Tuesday – I have to take Bailey to the pet groomer’s to get him shaved. I also have to get hold of the vet to book him in for his last vaccinations that he needs right before we leave. While waiting for the groomer to finish I will go into town (all this is an hour’s drive away btw, since I live out in nowhere-land) to find some last bits and pieces that I need. Oh, and pick up my new passport.

Wednesday – I will have to stay home since I have no idea what time of the day the removal company will be here.

Thursday – My time to go to the groomer! Eh… I mean hairdresser! My hair is a mess, and I hope they can do something about it. I know some things they can’t deal with (like the stress causing me to lose soooo much hair!), but at least they should be able to tidy it up a bit.

Weekend – Picking up the niece and nephew on Friday, so no rest during the weekend! And then it’s just one more week before leaving for the UK.

Oh, and during all this, I should try to visit my friend so we can get together before I leave. Maybe see if I can get a doctor’s appointment to discuss my scar. Meet my grandma, cause she’d never forgive me if I didn’t. Meet my other grandma for aforementioned reason. Copy as many of the old writing pads down as possible…



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