Boredom. Yes, I’m sorry but that really is today’s topic. You see, I’m sitting at the airport in Jacksonville, Florida and I’m bored out of my mind. It’s another hour and fifteen minutes before my flight leaves.

I’ve been on vacation in Florida for about four weeks and now the time has come to return home to Sweden. My new home, which I barely had time to get used to before I went on vacation. It feels good to go back though. Maybe it was a bit too early – with everything going on – to go on vacation, but it was my only opportunity to do so for quite some time. (Can’t leave my little Bailey alone at home, now can I??)

Unfortunately since I’m not feeling my best I didn’t do much while in Florida. I didn’t even get a tan. Not that I ever get a tan… but, you know… anyway.

I’m going to be on the road for like 24 hours. I’m not looking forward to it. With 4 hour stops at two points (Detroit and Amsterdam) which means more boredom. But oh well, at least by tomorrow afternoon I will be back home and can rest.


On Tuesday I go to pick up Bailey and he gets to come home with me. Whee!!


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