The title just about sums up how I feel at the moment. Despite the nice, hot summer weather I’ve managed to contract a cold. I don’t know how it’s possible, but there you have it! So I’m feeling pretty poorly at the moment.

I’m in the in-between place where you feel really quite bad, but not quite bad enough to stay home from work. (Not that I want to feel bad enough to stay home from work.) I rarely, if ever, get a fever. My temperature will rise a degree or so, but because my base temperature is so low, I’m still half a degree short of what is officially considered running a fever. Hopefully it will pass soon though, cause I hate having a bunged up nose and coughing all the time. My voice doesn’t even get that hoarse, sexy sound.. It just gets hoarse. Totally unfair!

In other news… Well, actually.. I’ll get back to you on that. There’s some news that I found out, but I still need to digest it a bit.

Now I will go and bury myself under the bed covers and watch movies. The only thing you can do when feeling like this.


I wish I was this cute when sick!

I wish I was this cute when sick!


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  1. My base body temperature is low, too. It’s annoying when you know you’re feverish and feel awful but the doctor is like, “nope no fever.”

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