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The landscape in the south of England is nothing like back home. I miss the forests and lakes, but at the same time I have to admit that it’s quite beautiful down here. There are still a lot of areas for me to explore (I’m saving the Jurassic Coast for when my mom comes to visit, for example), but I’ve seen some nice places so far.

When out for a drive along the coast, I had to stop the car and take a picture, because I just loved the way the sunlight was coming through the clouds.

We also went down to an area called Hengistbury Head, which was absolutely beautiful. The coast back home is very different to here. Both are beautiful in their own way, of course.



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  1. Le sigh. I just heart shaped everything about the UK. I gotta get back to visit and YOU gotta get up to the Isle of Skye. I strongly recommend it!

    • I want to visit Scotland in general, but I’ll make an extra note for Isle of Skye for sure! Still so many parts of the UK that I want to visit. For now, I’m just trying to learn to find my way around the surrounding area (seriously, at this point I’m happy if I can make it from the shopping street to my flat, which is like a 5-10 min drive! haha). But hopefully as time goes on I can explore more of the country during holidays etc!

    • I had to look up Broadchurch, and you’re right! It looks very similar. The place where they filmed those parts of Broadchurch are actually quite close to where I live, so I guess that explains the similarity 😀

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