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I’m such a bad blogger. Instead of updating every other day or so with the random little things I want to, I just end up doing other things and never get around to it. One of my current time sinks is actually FarmVille. Which is ironic, since I’ve never been overly fond of Facebook and always said that I’d never play any of those games. And here I am… Playing FarmVille.

My farm ;)

My farm 😉


So, that’s my big, dirty secret at the moment. I play FarmVille!

Staying at my aunt’s house at the moment while she and her partner are away on holiday. So it’s just me and the two big beasts (her two Great Danes) and Bailey.

Also, I don’t think I properly said it – but I suspect everyone’s already figured it out. My old friend (who has been to visit me several times and I’ve written about it), and I finally agreed to be a couple “for real”. So I now officially have a boyfriend. How about that?

In fact, this probably happened in July, but I’ve not wanted to write about it, because I was having some doubts. Not about my feelings for him, they’ve been apparent for quite a long time, but rather me worrying about his feelings for me. He was never one to plan ahead, and whenever I’d try to find out what he wanted for the future he never really know. Something that was quite frustrating to me. It made me doubt that he really wanted this.

We’ve talked about it extensively now though, and I feel like we’re both fully in. Which is a lovely feeling. I’m very happy, and now I can’t wait until the next time we meet. (I just have to make sure I don’t have another allergic reaction!)

Photo from another time with the dogs out in the forest.

Photo from another time with the dogs out in the forest.


Autumn photo with the dogs.

Autumn photo with the dogs.


I’ve realised that whenever I take photos when out with the dogs I usually only end up with Tindra on them. I suspect it’s because she’s the oldest and doesn’t run around as much as the others. Getting photos with any of the other dogs is near impossible!


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