August on the blog..

Okay, so I think I mentioned at some point that I won a contest where I will be test driving a Toyota Hybrid for one month. August is going to be that month, and as I understand it, I will be expected to blog about it. Since it’s a Swedish competition, I will have to do so in Swedish.

So, for my non-Swedish readers, I wanted to pre-warn you that during August there will be weird posts popping up in what will appear to be gibberish. Don’t worry, I didn’t have a stroke, I’m just writing in Swedish!

I will still write my “normal” posts in English, but I apologise beforehand for the Swedish ones that will be popping up on your feeds. Since I want to win the competition, I will have to be blogging a fair bit about the car. I’m still waiting to find out though, how much can be done directly on their competition page, and how much is expected to be on my personal blog.

In any case, Swedish posts will appear. Don’t despair (cause I know you’d totally miss my writing… *cough*), there will be English ones still appearing as well!

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