April Fools

I won’t be posting anything tomorrow on April 1st, because I don’t want anyone to think it’s an April Fools joke.

Not sure why, but I’ve always hated April Fools. I don’t like practical jokes, and I don’t like jokes that make you feel stupid. (Can’t stand those shows on TV where they pull pranks on people, they make me feel so uncomfortable!)

Even as a child I hated it. I remember our teachers fooling us when I was in pre-school and I was so angry. I remember telling them how furious was, and that I was so angry that I was going to go home and break every crayon I owned. (Why they would care about that, I have no idea…)

However, I do enjoy the obvious April Fools jokes. Like the ones Blizzard make every year – those can be very amusing. (Still amuses me how Pandarens started as an April Fools joke…)

What do you think about April Fools?



April Fools — 2 Comments

    • Good call!

      I like the silly ones that are obviously jokes. Like Blizzard saying the garrison followers are getting Tinder, or their silly patch notes. But I hate having to question every piece of news I’m reading/hearing.

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