Anxiously Waiting

We’re still waiting for everything to be finalised in regards to the purchase of what will hopefully be our new home. It’s a very anxious wait, hoping that nothing will go wrong. This week, we’re hoping that the boyfriend gets to sign the papers for the flat. I know the sellers are then hoping for a completion date of October 12th.

I’m so worried that something will go wrong between now and then. Once the papers are signed, I will feel a bit better. I really hope that will happen this week.

If everything goes well, I will then move at the end of October. My stuff will arrive around that time – or possibly not until mid-November if I’m unlucky. (The removal company only drives through Sweden about once a month.)

It’s crazy to think that if we don’t hit any snags now, I will be living in the UK within a month. As much as I’m looking forward to it, it’s also a huge change. What hurts the most is probably not being able to see my nephew (and niece) as often. The past year I’ve been pretty much living with him 50% of the time, so it’s going to be huge when I suddenly only get to see him a couple of times a year.

Can’t think about that though, cause it just makes me cry.

In other news, I bought this adorable little owl painting. I’m not convinced the boyfriend will let me hang it anywhere, but it was REALLY cheap, so I couldn’t resist.

LOOK AT IT! It's adorable!

LOOK AT IT! It’s adorable!


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    • Hahaha that’s funny, because I was actually thinking it would look nice in the entrance hall. Then I could put a few small hooks underneath it for hanging keys etc. (Sadly no coats, because the hall is too narrow, so we have to find somewhere else for those.) And he’s already agreed that I’m allowed to put it up 😉 Poor man will be surrounded by owls, since his mom bought us an owl clock as well 😀

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