A Year Older (yet again)

Yesterday was my birthday and I turned a year older yet again. Funny how that works… Every year! I should do what my dad did and just have stopped at 25.

It was a great day though. The boyfriend took me out to dinner in a nice Italian restaurant, and the food was delicious. Because he’s in the process of buying a home, we’re trying to save money, so we’re pretty much skipping gifts. He did get me an adorable little key holder, for when we (hopefully) get our place and I can use it for the key to our shared home. Very cute!

And it's an owl!

And it’s an owl!

We also went to view the flat, and it’s really nice. I really hope that we get it! The sellers are going to leave the white goods in the kitchen as well, which is great news since it saves us a lot of money compared to having to buy everything straight off the bat.

I really hope everything will work out and that we will get the place!

I baked a chocolate cake yesterday as well. It was odd having to find some ingredients in another country, but I managed to eventually. I need to get used to finding things here anyway, I guess!



Oh, and my sister got me a gift certificate at Amazon, so now I’m going to splurge on e-books! The boyfriend’s mother got me a cute bracelet and a gorgeous owl to keep out in what hopefully will be our new garden. That’s not a real owl, by the way, but a solar powered light for the garden. Since I realized it might have sounded like it was real!


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    • Ha! Yes! I don’t think I’ll ever get used to different English speaking countries using different terms for the same things! Yes, they’re basically leaving the fridge/freezer, washing mashine, dryer and oven/stove. In Sweden you always leave those things, but apparently over here most people tend to bring them with, so if it’s your first home you need to buy it all. Which we won’t have to now, which is great!

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