A New Year, A New Beginning

And so we enter the year 2006… After having had a fairly bad 2005 for various reasons I’m hoping that this year will be better. Or rather, I will endeavour to make it better.

2005 wasn’t all bad of course. I did finish my first manuscript which is an accomplishment I have to admit I’m quite proud of. I went on holiday to Florida which is always pleasant and my family visited in The Netherlands a couple of times.

2006 however is going to be even better. I want to finish my second manuscript as well as start sending my first out to publishers and agents. I also want to try and regain the control I feel like I’ve lost over my life. My problem is still finding out exactly what I want to do, but I do know that I don’t want to keep working where I am, since it’s making me miserable.

After several months of not writing on my manuscript, I’m going to start again. I worked on the overview/synopsis yesterday since I have to do a lot of tedious changes to what I have so far and I need to have a good idea before I start. This is done, so now I should get started on what needs to be changed. It’s going to be hell doing it, but I think the manuscript will look all the better once it’s done.

So… Year of 2006… Be prepared because here I come!

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