A Bookaholic’s Paradise

Otherwise called a Book Fair…

I was at one yesterday, and it was brilliant. What better thing could there be than a huge room filled with discounted books? The most expensive book I bought was $8 and that was a hardcover! (The cheapest was probably about $1.50)

As always I probably went a little overboard. I bought 31 books. But hey, for those prices.. who wouldn’t?

I got some Stephen King novels (I like to collect them) as well as a Dee Davis book I had thought about ordering, so that was awesome. Then a few romance novels, lots of fiction and a few classics. On the whole, it was a very good day indeed.

It’s a good thing it’s only once a year though *lol* I can never catch up on my reading since I keep buying new books.


A Bookaholic’s Paradise — 6 Comments

  1. Holy Cow! That’s a lot of books. Best of luck getting your TBR pile back to normal (because I know you have a huge pile anyhow).

    But I bet it’s wonderful to walk away with that many books. Whew!

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