10 Years – A Look Back

Would you believe that today marks 10 years since I first started blogging? I wrote my very first blog post on October 22, 2004. Wow, I can’t believe it’s been that long.

10 years ago I was still living in the Netherlands, working in the HR department of an oil company. I was working on my first novel, and was dating a Dutch guy.

About a month after that first blog post, my relationship ended, but I stayed in the Netherlands for another two and a bit years. Switching jobs to work at a UN organisation (still in HR), and it was one of the most enjoyable jobs I’ve ever had. At first, it was pretty awful, because I had horrible colleagues. But then I got promoted to a new department, and everything became a lot better. (They went on to win the Nobel Peace Prize 2013 – and I got a certificate!)

In March 2005, I finished the first novel, then continued on to a second one, which I eventually finished in 2006.

Late 2006 I had a burn out and had to stop working. Early 2007, some decisions were made, and I moved back to Sweden in spring of that year. In March I met my lovely Bailey for the first time.

The next few years passed in a bit of a blur, since I was quite sick. I’m still tired these days (by now I know I suffer from CFS and fibromyalgia, but back then I had no real explanation), but those early days were awful. I remember not being able to move, from being so exhausted. Just lying in bed, and not being able to move my arm enough to check the time on my phone. In comparison, I’m a Duracell bunny by now.

During these years, I was playing World of Warcraft. It was pretty much the only thing I had the energy to do (it helps not having to leave the house!), and I met this great guy while doing so. We started chatting, and kept on doing so. Almost every night. It’s one of my few good memories. My first mention of him on the blog, was in July of 2008 (but I know we had already been chatting for about a year, or more, at that point.)

I started 2009 with breaking a leg, cause you gotta start the year with a bang. Later in the year I started working a little again, finally being well enough to manage. We started small, with only 2 hours a week, but it got better – and I eventually got a part-time employment.

In November 2009, my baby brother was born.

The employment was a bit up and down, as my health is a bit up and down. But I pushed myself, and at one point was nearly working full-time. However, my body disagreed with this – and my doctor and therapist ordered me to switch back to working part-time, 20 hours a week. (This happened in 2010-2011 though, I’m getting slightly ahead of myself!)

In 2010 I started my WoW Blog, which is currently rather dormant. If I’m truly losing internet soon and can’t play WoW, I don’t see me being able to write much about it sadly.

In the fall of 2011 I was unemployed again, since the funding was unavailable for me to continue in my current work place. August 2011 saw the birth of my first newphew, Viggo. In September, I met the boyfriend for the first time. Though, back then, he wasn’t the boyfriend yet of course.

2012 was fairly quite. I had a part-time job for a while. The not-yet-boyfriend visited again. A mouse invaded my house. The no-yet-boyfriend was being romantic on Steam. I was scared of boars.

2013 had me trying a multi-modal therapy of 10 weeks, where they handed us unfortunately drawn images. The not-yet-boyfriend sent me illegible text messages. My friend, A, and her daughter came to visit – and we went to feed moose. In the fall, I went to visit the now-boyfriend in the UK for the first time, and had a violent allergic reaction.

January 2014 saw the birth of my niece, Moa. Everything else is still fairly recent, so I won’t make this blog post any longer!

So, yeah… Wow. 10 years.

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