Step One

Step one is completed for moving Bailey to England with me.

The vet declared him in good health, and even commented on how good his teeth are for his age (he’s 8). We also had to get a rabies shot, which is required for traveling to England. He’s now allowed to travel in 21 days!

No more than five days before arriving in England though, we have to visit the vet before we leave and also have him treated for worms. That should be it though, and he should not have to be quarantined.

I’m worried about how to actually get him there though. Flights is difficult because they don’t allow you to take dogs to England on a flight, unless you have them delivered as cargo – and that only seems to be done from Stockholm. Rest of EU, yep – but England has to be that special cookie and have different rules.

So I have to see whether I should hike all the way across the country to Stockholm and fly from there – or if I can arrange for someone to drive him to England. In either case, it’s going to cost a fortune, which sucks. But I also can’t imagine leaving him behind.

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