I may have found a new home for my cat, Saga. As I was driving to my dad’s to celebrate Easter, my mom called and said that an old friend of hers was looking for a new cat. They wanted to take Saga home to see if she would be a good fit, and so far I’ve not heard any complaints. (Other than that her name was a bit too “wimpy”. I’m not surprised, this woman has a horse named Ferrari…)

It was a bit of a shock though, since everything happened to quickly. They picked her up while I was still away, which means I didn’t get to say good bye – or even properly prepare. The woman sent me a photo on facebook of Saga with a little Easter greeting – and that made me cry, since I realised she’s truly gone from me now.

She’ll no longer be sleeping by my feet, or walking around “talking”, wanting my attention to the fact that her food bowl is empty. She won’t jump up on my desk and snuggle down between my arms, blocking my path to the keyboard.

I miss her. But I know this is for the best. I just don’t think she’d be happy in a big town with lots of traffic. This way, she will be living in the countryside, with big fields filled with plenty of mice and birds to hunt.

Once she’s settled in a bit more, I will drive out and say my good byes. I don’t want to do it too soon though, since I’m worried that it would confuse her. It’s about her well-being after all, and I want her to feel at home with her new family.


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