My aunt sent me a photo a little while ago. She’s been visiting the family friend who adopted my cat, Saga this evening – and wanted to let me know she saw her. I’m really glad that Saga has found a loving home, but at the same time – I’m completely unable to receive and look at pictures like this without basically turning into a blubbering baby.

I miss my little cat so much. It breaks my heart that I had to have someone else take her.



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  1. Aww, it is so hard not having your pets anymore! That was the hardest part about moving, was giving up my roommate’s cat. She was such a loving thing, she would sleep with me and always cuddle.

    But maybe you can get a new cat when you move (who won’t replace your old cat, but will make new happy cat memories).

    • I’d love to get a new cat once in the UK, but the boyfriend doesn’t want to while we still have Bailey. I’d have liked it as a companion for Bailey when we’re not home, but he pointed out that the more pets, the more difficult it becomes to find someone to care for them if we want to go away. Which is a fair point. Especially since I’d like to visit my family a couple of times a year or so.

      • Hmm, true, but cats also don’t really need much more than someone to show up once a day to put food and water into a bowl, and maybe a pet or two. Dogs need to be walked, and they need to have someone say, “good dog” a hundred times, and to be fed and watered. So a cat and a dog isn’t actually much more work than just a dog.

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