As I’m looking into the options for getting Bailey across to England, I’m getting closer and closer to pulling out my hair. (And we really don’t want that, because I don’t have a lot to begin with!)

With EU, the borders and everything got a lot easier. You no longer need to quarantine your pet when you travel to another country, as long as you fulfil the requirements.

(Basically, pet passport, rabies vaccination and within 5 days of travel a tape worm treatment by a vet, so that you have papers confirming that it was done.)

So, at least we don’t have to put him into quarantine.

However, actually getting him across? It’s a nightmare.

Because UK isn’t part of the Schengen area, they have special rules when it comes to taking pets on flights. Basically, they’re not allowed on as pets (which is a fairly reasonable sum of 50-100 euros), but instead – you have to transfer them listed as cargo. Of which you pay per kilo. Most of the costs I’ve seen so far range in the 300-500 area.

On top of that I may have to fly from Stockholm, which is on the other side of the country, because a lot of the cargo companies only do pets from there. And I’ll have to buy a flight approved cage, which is 150 more.

At this point, moving Bailey is nearing the price of the moving of my entire household.

I looked into driving him, but that’s even more expensive. Fuel+ferries+hotel… Let’s not even talk about it.

This means I’m left with two choices. 1) Pay a fortune and fly him across. 2) Bite the bullet and skip the removal company, instead renting a truck and making the drive myself (meaning a 5-6 day journey going to and from since obviously truck needs to be returned). That way at least Bailey costs nothing extra. But we have to do the horrible drive ourselves.

It’s difficult to know what to do. I’m so disappointed that I can’t just take him along on the flight with me without paying an arm and a leg.


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  1. To put it into perspective, though, how many hours is it to the other side of the country there? I make a four hour round trip to see friends on the reg. Here to Vancouver where my brother lives is about four hours one way. From here to the other side of the country is about a week? Just pretend you are Canadian for the day and it will seem like a piddling little drive. 😀

    • Haha everything is relative, I can’t compare to Canada size wise even if we went from north to south (since we’re longer than we are wider). We’re nowhere close!

      I think it’s about 6 hours driving to Stockholm. It’s not the time as much as I’m frustrated by how expensive it’s turning out. I’m mainly bitter because I can’t take him along as a pet normally, like I could to almost any other EU country *lol* For a much more reasonable amount of money!

      But you know, UK has to be a special snowflake 😉 Driving on the left, not joining the Schengen area… Special! 😀

        • It’s part of the EU, but not the Euro currency (then again, neither is Sweden). Norway is part of neither, but has part in trade agreements. It’s all very difficult to keep track of!

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