Monday Movie – You’re Welcome

I watched Moana for the first time a couple of months ago, and I absolutely loved it. Most of the songs stuck with me, but this one possibly the most. Every time I say “you’re welcome” to someone, I tend to hum the song. I can’t help myself, it’s so catchy!

When I went home for Easter I heard my three year old niece singing it, which was adorable. She doesn’t know English, so she was just making noises that sounded similar to the words. Cutest ever.

Without further ado; You’re Welcome from the Moana movie, sung by Dwayne Johnson.


Monday Movie – You’re Welcome — 1 Comment

  1. haha! I love that song too! Ev sings it often and dances. I found some video of the making of that song and couldn’t believe it was The Rock! He really does Rock!

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