Instagram Roundup (May)

It’s the first of June, and in all honesty I don’t know where this year has gone. Wasn’t it Christmas just a few weeks ago?! Below are my Instagram photos from the month of May.

Everything was green, it was feeling like Spring! Or possibly summer already…

The wobbly birthday cake I made for the boyfriend. Not my best effort.

The kitten has discovered a new spot to relax.

Went out to dinner with the boyfriend and his parents. We’re not cuddling, I’m keeping him from running away from the camera – can’t you see the pain on his face?

I tried to take a photo of our yummy dessert, but the boyfriend was having none of it.

Kitten has a favourite spot to sleep – makes it very hard to do anything on the computer!

Kitten cuddles!

Bailey is watching the kitten’s very peculiar way of eating.

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