If you don’t want any spoilers regarding Dragon Age: Inquisition romances, you should stop reading now. This post is about the Cullen romance, first steps. So if you don’t want any spoilers regarding it, click away now!






Right! So, after flirting with Cullen at every point possible, I finally got somewhere! It felt like it took a long time, but it was definitely worth it! It’s such a great romance so far! As I said, I’m only on like the first one so far – the one where you get to choose to start an exclusive romance with him.

It all started with my Inquisitor walking in on Cullen playing a game of chess (or the Thedas version of it) with Dorian.Winning rather ungracefully to Dorian’s dismay! As Dorian leaves, Cullen invites the Inquisitor to play. Naturally, I had to say yes.

Your move, Cullen...

Your move, Cullen…

I actually played fair, despite being allowed the options to cheat or letting him win. You also get a chance to ask him about his family, and find out that he has a sister and a brother. Despite playing fair, my character won, and I was happy to see that Cullen is note a sore loser! Then you can flirt with him and say that you think it would be nice to spend more time together. He agrees, and when you’re a little bit flustered and repeat yourself…

Smirking Cullen.

Smirking Cullen.

I never thought anyone could look adorable while smirking, but BioWare has proven me wrong with Cullen!

That pretty much ended the scene, but I was too curious, so I went back to his room and talked to him again. That gave me the option to ask him for a private chat. Yes! Cue cut scene where we’re walking out on the ramparts.

Awkward Cullen talking about the weather.

Awkward Cullen talking about the weather.

Apparently my Inquisitor is not one for tip-toeing around the subject. She asks, more or less straight forward, if he could care for a Mage, saying that she really cares for him. He’s very cute and flustered, but yes – he definitely likes you!

There’s some tension, and he leans in for a kiss…

almost-kissI’m probably squeeing out loud at this point… Then, when you’re just about to kiss. A guard comes running! This had me laughing for sure, because you can so clearly see the frustration on Cullen’s face and in his posture. The guard can see it too…


“But Commander! The report! You wanted… the… report…”

The guard isn’t quite sure what to make of it at first. Here’s his commander asking him to deliver a report as soon as possible, then when you’re just trying to do your job.. your commander nearly rips your head off for doing exactly what you asked!

Meanwhile your Inquisitor is standing behind Cullen looking like she’s trying very hard not to be noticed.

I'm not here...

I’m not here…

The guard seems to figure out what’s going on and decides that he can probably deliver the report to Cullen’s desk instead and backs away slowly. Because you don’t want to turn your back to an angry Cullen… who knows what will happen!

Cullen turns back to your Inquisitor, and you’re trying to do the responsible thing by saying that if he needs to go to attend to things, that’s fine… But he cuts you off by grabbing hold of you, pulling you close and ravishing you. Okay, okay… No ravishing, but he does kiss you and it looks like a really nice kiss!

You get to have a bit of a conversation at this point, basically solidifying that this is the romance choice that you want to make, and it’s all very sweet.

You're mine now, Cullen! Muahahaha!

You’re mine now, Cullen! Muahahaha!

Anyway, that pretty much concludes your first romantic encounter with Cullen. I thought it was very well-written and a great combination of sweet, funny and hot. I look forward to seeing more of it, but I think the story will have to progress a bit further before that happens. Right now, basically my only choice is more kissing time on the ramparts (never a bad idea!) or breaking up (not happening!).

It’s funny though… When you cue the little kissing scene on the ramparts, at the end when Cullen walks away to get back to work… Your Inquisitor will lean against the ramparts and look at him as he walks away, and she has this really leering look on her face. I bet she’s undressing him in her mind!




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    • I caught pieces of the Sera one, since my brother is playing it at the same time on console. He’s already finished it now, I’m much slower *lol* All of the romances seem pretty well-written. If I do another playthrough in the future I should probably try one of the other ones. It’s difficult though… I really like Cullen! I had the same issues in Origins. I wanted to try the other romances, but in the end I was sitting there with Alistair anyway *lol*

        • Yeah, make sure you can’t – the only way to avoid it! 😀

          I hear the Cassandra romance is quite nice as well. But Dorian is very cool, he’s a lot of fun to have around. I bet his romance is great too!

          • There is a small Cassandra quest involving a book that is absolutely fantastic. I love the depth it gave her character!

            I have seen one of Iron Bull’s romance scenes and it is hilarious. I might try that as a dwarf, because height differences.

            • I’d love to see Iron Bull with a dwarf! And speaking of him, I was very surprised to see that it’s Freddie Prinze Jr. who does his voice. I would never have guessed! And I’m usually pretty good at recognising voices! Though I’ve failed before in this game. I could have sworn that female Hawke and female British Inquisitor was the same voice actress. I think they sound exactly the same! But nope, two different ones!

              Oh! The Cassandra one… Is that the one where you catch her reading one of you know who’s books? I just had that scene last night, and it was great… She’s this big, tough warrior, but still enjoys a good romance novel. Love it!

  1. I have a thing for solas. Idk…but probably because hes sad and his only friends are spirts. And the way he says “we cant” after our first kiss, and the way he changes from a hardened rock to soft putty in my hands…..dude…i just wish there was more romance options for everyone. More kissing, and more character specific quests. I would love to help solas more in life. XD

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