Romance in Dragon Age: Inquisition

So, Tania reminded me that the new DLC is out for Inquisition – which I can’t get yet, which is killing me! It got me right back into the Dragon Age hype again though, and I’ve just started on the other two DLCs that I got for my birthday.

It also reminded me that I want to finish my second playthrough, as an elf, so that I can romance Solas. Only this happens every time.

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Romance in Dragon Age: Inquisition — 4 Comments

  1. I just don’t see Solas’s appeal. Or Blackwall’s, or the Iron Bull’s. I am glad they had Cullen so at least one straight romance love interest is attractive to me. 😛

    • Neither do I really. But I’ve read some things about his romance that makes it sound interesting. So I want to try it. But yeah, I think I will need one of those addons that lets me romance multiples, cause I need me a Cullen on the side 😉

      The best part of the Iron Bull romance is the scene where Cullen walks in on you. Hmm… So I may be slightly Cullen obsessed. Really though, that scene is hilarious.

      • He is kind of great! I love a good redemption arc in my romances, and he hits pretty much everything on my “best romantic hero” checklist. If every romance I read from here on out featured a Cullen doppelganger, I would be happy.

        • Redemption arcs are great. Those and tortured heroes (as long as it’s not over-done). I think Cullen hits both of these categories, so he’s basically catnip to me *lol*

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