After finishing Dragon Age: Inquisition, and loving the romance element so much, I wanted more. So I actually went onto fanfiction.net and read around a little. The quality of work there really varies a lot, but some of it is really quite good/interesting. By the way, I think we need more Duncan fanfic… The very first time I played Dragon Age, I was raging because Duncan wasn’t a love interest. I barely got anywhere that time though, because my hard drive died and I lost interest. (I don’t think I’d even done the battle at Ostagar, that’s how early in the game I was.)

I’ve especially enjoyed playing through both the Alistair romance and the Cullen romance. Sometimes I think I should try some of the others, and I do, at least for a while – but then I end up back with Alistair or Cullen anyway.

They’re just really well-written characters. Not that the rest of them aren’t. I don’t know, there’s just something about those two. At first glance one might think that they’re the same type of character. They do have similarities. They’re both blond, warrior type men. Both brought up in the Templar Order. But other than that, I think they’re actually quite different – and their romances reflect that.

Alistair is very funny, he likes to joke a lot – and when talking to him in DA:O and asking questions, he often won’t give you straight answers. If you’re nice to him, as a female, he will generally pursue you – despite being inexperienced at these things.

Cullen is a much more serious person, he has baggage. While I realise it’s partly because of the way the game is played, you have to pursue him rather than him coming to you. He admits to having liked you for a long time, but that he felt that it wasn’t his place to pursue you – since basically you’re his boss. You’re more or less friend-zoned in the first part of the game, only after nearly dying to a dragon does he seem to notice you.

Side note: The way the Inquisition romances play out… Does anyone else feel like we’re a law suit on sexual harrassment waiting to happen? As the Inquisitioner you’re basically everyone’s boss, and here you are, propositioning them left right and center! I also found some of the romance options to be very forward, and my characters are usually a bit less so. Alistair’s romance worked well for me that way, because I could be sweet to him and teasingly flirt a bit – and he’d come to me. With Inquisition I have to sometimes choose very forward options with the romanceable companions.

Anyway, this got a lot longer than planned. Basically, what I wanted to say was that after finishing Inquisition and thinking about Cullen as a character who has been with us all the way since Origins… I started going “what if..?” and then I couldn’t stop myself. So I started a fanfic. /facepalm

In the end though, I think it might be a good experience for me. I’ve not written properly in years, and I do want to get back into it and get my novels published (even if that means doing it myself as e-books). Writing this fanfic will hopefully get me back into the swing of things. Which is definitely needed, cause as I’m writing this little fanfic, I’m feeling very, very rusty!



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  1. I can see the appeal of fanfiction, but for me, I don’t like it because it often does not match my headcannon, and even though it is not official anything, my head goes, “no, that isn’t how it is! You are getting it wrong!”

    • Haha! Yeah, I can definitely see that. I browse around more than properly read, I’m a bad fanfiction reader.. But I do find it interesting to check out the ideas people have. The ones I read more of tend to either fit my personal headcanon fairly well or are so far off I can almost imagine it being an entirely different story. I was reading a couple of chapters of one earlier, and it was nicely written and everything… But it was Alistair meeting some original character and falling in love with her, before Origins even began. (As I understand it then continues with Origin, but with Alistair in love with this character instead of the Warden). It was a nice story… But the entire time I kept thinking “no, wait! That’s not who Alistair should be with!”

      I’m having a similar discussion with the boyfriend about my fanfic. Because it’s basically Cullen+Hero of Ferelden, and the boyfriend is all “no she’s with Alistair!”. I’m trying to say that maybe not in this playthrough.. but he’s adamant that she’d be with Alistair ALWAYS. And while I’m inclined to agree (my Warden always fell for him), I wanted to explore the idea of Cullen and the Hero of Ferelden meeting again during the Inquisition timeline. The boyfriend, however, does not approve! *lol*

      At one point I wanted to write the entire Origins more or less, focusing on the love story between my Warden and Alistair… But considering the size of the game, it feels a bit much *lol* I should probably focus on my own novels instead, cause that’s the length something like that risks being!

      • Yes, King Alistair and his Queen, the Cousland girl is how my cannon Origins ends. Cullen + Inquisitor.

        I have actually seen some fanfics of Cullen + Inquisitor + Alistair. And a *lot* of Alistair + Cullen.

        Sometimes fanfiction is a scary place.

        • Oh yes hahaha I’ve seen some art with Alistair+Cullen as well. To each their own, but I have to admit that I prefer them with their girls.

          In my head, I have Alistair with Cousland as well. I like Cullen with the Inquisitor, their romance was really sweet. I’m just writing this little fix because a part of me wants an alternate ending with the Mage from the tower. Cue tortured past!

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