It’s here!

Right, so I finished Dragon Age 2 a while back (will write down my thoughts on that one of these days).

Today my copy of Inquisition finally arrived! Unfortunately I’m going away for the weekend to celebrate Easter at my dad’s, so won’t really get to play it until next week.

Can’t wait though. I’m planning to make a Mage and make Cullen eat all the crap he’s said about mages!


It’s here! — 6 Comments

    • Don’t forget to use to set up your cannon Thedas, too, or you will get the default world state which will reflect none of your choices in DAO or DA2.

      • Not getting to do anything yet since I don’t seem to be able to login to Origin. And the game won’t install without it. Typical!

        • Hmm, it wasn’t hacked or anything, was it? I had an issue where I was playing and got an alert that I had been signed out because I had signed in at another location. Logged back in (took a few tries) to find my location had been changed to somewhere in Asia and my profile picture changed. I changed my password immediately and upgraded my security options.

          Maybe find your profile and make sure your location is still right to make sure that didn’t happen to you too. D:

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