Frustrating things

So, the boyfriend and I play a game together with other people (World of Warcraft). In fact that’s how we originally met. Now, the issue here is that we haven’t actually told anyone of the people that we play with that we’re a couple, because it just never really seemed relevant, and the boyfriend is a very private person. I’ve told one of the other girls in the guild, since we like to have little gossip sessions now and then, but other than her, I don’t think anyone knows (except possibly her boyfriend who also plays with us).

Now, I couldn’t care less if people know that we’re dating or not. I don’t feel any particular need to shout it from the rooftops or anything.


When I’m visiting the boyfriend, like now, and we’re playing (raiding) with those other people and use voice communication, it drives me absolutely crazy that I can’t talk to him. Because they might hear me. It makes me feel very restricted in what I can say and when, and it’s incredibly frustrating.

Because then it’s suddenly no longer a “not bothered telling them” and instead turns into this big “hush hush hidey”-thing. Not saying something is not the same as sometimes outright lying about what’s going on. I get being private, but when you start to venture into the territory of lying to keep something secret, it’s starting to become an issue.

Most of all though, it just drives me nuts that I have to be careful about when I talk, in case they might hear me. I’m a chatty person, and having to remember to stay silent is incredibly difficult and frustrating.

It might just be me though. Everyone has different views on these things, I’m sure. Maybe I just need to learn to talk less!


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  1. i wish could tell you what to do cuz yeah it is frustrating, but maybe just write on forum, and put it out there, have a talk with BF about it.. Because it will be the same when you move in with him, i think the guild will be happy for the 2 of you, and if not then its their problem, not yours. I’ts not like he treat you different than the rest of us 🙂

    • He never would, and I wouldn’t have let him if he tried 😉

      And yes, we’ll have to discuss it (again) at some point, because we share a desk when together – and will continue to do so when living together – so it will end up being an issue if I can’t talk. Or I might just go crazy. Also an option 😀

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