So, I finished Dragon Age: Inquisition last night… I really enjoyed this game! And the romance. I’m such a romance nerd… It’s one of my favourite parts of the game. Sadly, I forgot to take much screenshots of the last half of the game, it’s definitely a feature I miss from Origins. Maybe it’s for the best though, I can’t accidentally spoil something with images!

It’s a great game, and I think anyone who likes RPG games should give it a go. Obviously, you’d have to start with Dragon Age: Origins and also play Dragon Age II. Okay, okay! I realise you don’t have to… but you should, it’s such a great story! And even if you can easily play each one as a stand-alone, they work so nicely together!


I’ve enjoyed them so much that I’m actually tempted to go back to Origins and do a full playthrough from game one through three!

And also, the romances… If you’re not into that, you can ignore it… But I love, love, love the romances. They’re so well written. BioWare definitely knows how to write good and interesting characters. Even if you’re not romancing anyone, just walking around your base and chatting with your companions can be hilariously funny. I loved the little cut scenes you got with your companions.

Now, I just need to decide if I should do the full Dragon Age playthrough… Or maybe get something useful done… Hmm…

Because every post needs a Cullen picture.

Because every post needs a Cullen picture.


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  1. That is what I did with Mass Effect, I played all three and then all three again (I played the Dragon Age games at different times). Bioware is just the best.

    • I’m debating between doing a full playthrough of all three games again, or going straight for Inquisition (this time with mods). It’s such a difficult choice!

      • I played my first playthrough siding with the mages, and had saved the game right before you have to choose sides, so started at that point in my second playthrough siding with the Templars.

        I am torn, though, because I also think you need to try Mass Effect! I was no good at shooters, either, but easy mode is definitely easy enough, even for me.

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