Dragon Age 2

So, I finished Dragon Age 2 a few weeks ago. I enjoyed it, though probably not quite as much as the first one. Some things were better, while other things I missed.


I liked the combat system in the second game. It felt nice and smooth, with the action key letting you continue attacking. The spells and abilities looked really cool as well.

I hated Carver. I’m sorry, I know he was my brother – but he was whiney and annoying. Always complaining, never approving anything I did. He wasn’t even grateful when I saved his life! Needless to say, I didn’t take him along in my party as soon as I had enough without him.

The little cameos from companions in DA:O were enjoyable. Hi, Zev! Even Nathaniel from Awakening made an appearance! I only wish we could have seen Sten Shale. I want to know if she ever got to become a dwarf again.

I did miss the possibility to chat to your companions whenever you wanted. I loved being able to have conversations with them in camp in Origins, and it was a shame that there was nothing like it in DA2. Sure, the companion quests were nice, but it didn’t make up for the lack of chatting.

They ruined Anders. I loved him in Awakening. He was very funny there, but in DA2 he almost seemed like a different character all together. Even the voice was different! (And I loved his original voice. But I guess they couldn’t have Greg Ellis do two voices in the same game, especially since they share screen time.) I really missed Anders from Awakening, this one was a boring, whiney version.

The reason (I'm guessing) Anders had a different voice. Hello, Cullen!

The reason (I’m guessing) Anders had a different voice. Hello, Cullen!

The companions in general I did enjoy. They all had interesting stories and personalities (Anders’ was just bad because I wanted him to be the way he was in Awakening. Had he been a new character, I probably wouldn’t have minded.) The quests where you’re trying to help Aveline with her love life had me laughing out loud.

I have mixed feelings about the lack of gear for companions. It’s nice not having to save all the gear to check if a companion can wear it, but at the same time I miss being able to customise them. I really enjoyed dressing Alistair up like a Ken doll in DA:O. (Oh look, a templar set – you look dashing! Oh here! Cailen’s armour… you look regal!)

Something I really enjoyed in DA:O was the fact that the game took automatic screenshots for you during specific points in the story. You could, of course, take extra ones yourself. But it’s something I tend to forget, so I loved that the game did it for me. Sadly this doesn’t exist in DA:2 (nor in Inquisition), which means that I have very few screenshots. Shame.

Flemeth's model definitely looked cooler compared to Origins.

Flemeth’s model definitely looked cooler compared to Origins.


On the whole, I enjoyed the game and I’m very much looking forward to playing Inquisition.

What did you think about DA2?


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  1. Sten, a dwarf? I think you mixed him up with Shale. 😛

    They definitely ruined Anders! He became all moody and emo and angry.

    I missed the conversations, too. There is more opportunity for chatting in Inquisition, though only while at base.

    If you play a non-mage, you get your sister instead, Bethany. I did like Bethany.

    • Omg yes! Hahaha I definitely meant Shale. I always mix those up, because Sten means “stone” in Swedish!

      Poor Anders, he had such promise in Awakening. I loved his personality there. He still hated the templars, but he wasn’t nearly as emo about it!

      I’m enjoying Inquisition so far. I love that you can chat more to the companions again. Naturally, I had to make Cullen flustered by asking him about the chastity vows. It makes sense to only talk at base I guess, since it could be annoying in Origins sometimes when they would, inevitably, walk in front of whichever door/chest you were just about to click and start an unwanted conversation anyway!

      At some point I want to go back and play DA2 again, as a rogue or warrior. I’ve heard that Bethany is way nicer, so it’ll be a nice experience to have a sibling that doesn’t wince and whine all the time!

      • I really like Inquisition Cullen! 100% romanced that man. 😛

        I played Origins first as a mage, then as an archer warrior, DA2 as a double-dagger rogue, and Inquisition as a 2-handed warrior (though I am thinking of switching to tank to make my group more customizable).

        In DA2, I was planning on romancing Fenris, but then flirted with Anders, rejected him, and he got so mad at me rejecting him our rivalry went like, waaaay up. I ended up reloading the save before that because I guess I had gone too far in the relationship to be with anyone else with EMO ANDERS. He does not handle rejection well.

        But I guess I have a DA thing for fair-haired, damaged men.

        Aw, who am I kidding, I have a thing for those in real life, too. 🙁

        • Oh, I love his character (Cullen), it’s very well written and I’ve enjoyed seeing it evolve through the games. I’m definitely romancing him 😀 There’s just something about his looks that’s a bit off. I think it’s the eyes. The irises/pupil area seems too small for the rest. So much white. He has crazy-eyes! (How I met your mother reference.) Other than that, he looks good *lol* I just easily get hung up on small details. Sera looks a bit off to me as well, not sure why. Her eyes definitely do some weird things at times.

          I wish you could have more companions in your party! I guess I’ll have to play again eventually so I can choose a different setup. Maybe as a male so I can romance Cassandra, everyone says it’s a great romance.

          Hahaha that is so funny with Anders. I can definitely imagine him taking rejection badly. I actually did romance him in DA2, but to be fair it was probably mainly because I still liked him so much from Awakening! Oh, did you react to the noises he made during the first kissing scene? It sounded so funny I was laughing.

          Fenris hated me so much in DA2. I played as a Mage and therefore was quite friendly towards magic and mages. Fenris did NOT approve! *lol* We still became friends though, and he even helped me in the final fight. He just hated the majority of my choices *lol*

          • I think it is hard to animate really eyes. I have seen some fan art on the Dragon Age subreddit, though, and those make him look much more human.

            • I’m getting more used to him as the game is moving along now as well. His eyes are definitely weirder than the other characters though *lol* Still, he’s yummy. I love flirting with him cause he gets flustered every time!

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