“Welcome Home”

This past weekend I drove up to see my dad and them. It was also the christening ceremony for my littlest nephew, William. With my mom out of town on her on holiday, I had no one to look after the pets. So Bailey had to come with on the drive, and Saga got to stay home alone. (Obviously with someone checking in on her every day.)

I left a window open to allow her to go in and out as she wanted. Leaving a window open always worries me though. She likes to leave dead animals for me by the front door, so I was worried about how many dead animals I’d find inside my apartment when I returned home.

Fortunately, there was only one. Left ceremoniously on the carpet in the hallway for me to find. I’m just glad I didn’t step on it in the darkness…

I also found her “Kill Room” aka my bathroom. There’s some blood spatter. I’m sure Dexter could have told us her method. Me, I prefer just cleaning it up.

Still, I think I should be grateful she’d left it at one. (Unless there are more hidden somewhere.) She dropped another one off outside the door later in the evening again. Maybe she was worried I hadn’t been fed when I was away?

Cute nephew, asleep after a trying day.

Cute nephew, asleep after a trying day.


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