The Coast

I live in a tiny village in Sweden (as I believe I’ve said before). Like, imagine lots of trees. A LOT of trees. Then add a couple of lakes. Then a few houses. Yep, that’s where I live.

Yes, this is an actual village.

Yes, this is an actual village. The town center is on the right side between the lakes.

Anyway, we only live about one hour from the west coast, so during the summer we tend to go there now and then. We recently went with my nephew Viggo to play miniature golf (he thought it was great fun), and I also went another day with my mom, brother and my sister and her boyfriend who were visiting.

Someone has a very peculiar style when golfing.

Someone has a very peculiar style when golfing.

It’s pretty amazing how the coast can have so much better weather than we do, with only a one hour drive. When we left our town it was grey-ish and a bit rainy – then we hit the coast and it looks like this.

Where'd the clouds go???

Where’d the clouds go???

It’s not fair!

So now I want to move to the coast. Or I would have, if I’d been planning to stay in Sweden. Oh, I just realised I will be moving to the coast! Only the British coast. So I don’t know if the weather will improve much… Hmm…

Bonus image of Viggo riding on his uncle Isak's shoulders, because it's just too cute.

Bonus image of Viggo riding on his uncle Isak’s shoulders, because it’s just too cute.


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  1. The weather has been so beautiful here that we get excited when it rains. It is almost drought level conditions!

    It looks beautiful there, though. Add Sweden to my list of places to see!

    • I’m jealous.. We had about one week of really nice summer weather, the rest of the summer has been pretty blargh. We get one “decent” day now and then, the rest is just rainy/cloudy. Few days above 20 degrees. Very depressing, I was hoping for a nice summer since I’m “off”. Still, I’ve had some nice days down by the coast – the coast hasn’t let me down yet!

      And if you ever manage to go to Sweden, I recommend the west coast. Especially from Gothenburg and up. I might be biased, but I do think it’s very nice here 🙂

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