My mom, her partner and my brother I has gone on vacation for a week. They’re going on a cruise to St. Petersburg in Russia. Left behind is my mom’s dog, Bella. I went by their place on Saturday evening to pick her up, since I’ll be looking after her during their time away. As I was approaching the dog, I realised there was a horrible smell coming from her.

“You do realise she stinks, right?” I asked my mom. Cause we’re not talking a little bit of a smell, whatever she’s done – it reeks.

“What? No..” My mom says, looking like she has no idea what I’m talking about. (I can’t help but wonder if they’re all oblivious to smells.)

We pack her food bowl and stuff together, and get ready to leave. My mom bends down to pet her and say goodbye, only to sort of pull back with a look of horror. “Oh yeah.. I smell it now.”

So, I am now stuck with a very smelly dog, since my mom didn’t realise it in time to clean her up. I need to clean her up, cause this smell is not something you can live with for a week. With Bailey, it’s never really an issue. I could easily shampoo him up, throw a stick in the lake and wait for him to rinse it off himself as he lunges after it.

With Bella… That’s not going to happen. She’ll dip her feet in the water, but that’s about it. I’m at the point where I’m beginning to contemplate shampooing her, luring her out onto a bridge and then toss her in the water. Obviously, though, that’d be a bit cruel.. So I won’t do that.

The other option is washing her in my shower. Which means I’ll get a good washing too. And my couch/bed/[insert random object she could possibly get onto] will get soaked. Because once she’s wet. We all know she’ll punish me by rolling around wet in everything she can.

Sadly my garden isn’t enclosed, or I’d shower her and then lock her outside in the sun until she dries. Then again, she’d probably roll around in the grass when wet and bring half my lawn back inside with her…

So I’m not entirely sure what to do. The Bella Conundrum I call this… It could be a case for Sherlock Holmes! (Since Sherlock is on a break, I am now watching Elementary.)

The smelly culprit..

The smelly culprit..

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