I feel like there’s a lot of stuff going on at the moment. My brother Jocke and his girlfriend broke up some time ago, and this weekend she and my nephew moved out. So there was a lot of packing and moving stuff, which I was spared due to my fibromyalgia. Instead I was in charge of watching little Viggo, which was fun as always.

Sunday evening we drove over to their new apartment to drop him off with his mom. The place looks really nice and I’m sure they’ll be doing fine there. But it was still a bit sad. After all, I’m used to having them live in the apartment upstairs, and would see him nearly every day. Now it’ll be a lot less often. In the end though, I just really hope everyone will be okay. That’s the most important thing.

So, that’s one thing. The other is that my brother Seb lost his job. He moved here in December to look for one, got one at the end of January, and now lost it. It’s his own fault to be fair, because he had a lot of “sick days”, overslept every so often and sometimes to the point of not even going to work. I write “sick days”, because he wasn’t actually sick. He just couldn’t be bothered going into work. I’m not surprised they fired him.

When I was getting up in the mornings for my 10 week course I would wake force him up as well and drive him to work. Fridays I was off, but I still set my alarm and made sure he got up and to work. I eventually grew tired of it though, and stopped. It wasn’t worth it, because he was just angry and grumpy in the mornings and I was sometimes late because it took him such a long time to get up.

He’s moving back to his mom (in a town 3 hours from here) when his job ends. (In Sweden you have a notice period, in his case one month since he was on a trial contract.) So he leaves mid-June. Interestingly enough, he’s not told me any of this yet. I found out from our other brother, Jocke. I do wonder when he’s planning to tell me, since the three of us share the rent on the house. Him leaving means a lot more rent money for me and Jocke, but he apparently doesn’t think that’s important enough to tell me…


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