On Cleaning…

So, as you might remember I was cleaning my place in preparation for my visitor (and the fact that I have family visiting in a few days). One of my brothers has been staying with me for a few months, but has now moved upstairs (more about this another day), and he was in charge of moving all his stuff upstairs and cleaning out the alcove and corner of the living room where he’s been staying.

When he thought he was done, it looked like this.

All done!

All done!


Now, I don’t know about you… but I wouldn’t consider that being done. The old monitor and scanner down in the corner are mine. But he left dirty socks, a plastic bag filled with garbage.. not to mention the empty bottles and bits of paper here and there. In what universe does this count as clean?

He’s admittedly been driving me crazy though. At one point I told him that he had to start putting things away after using them. Cause he kept leaving empty candy wrappers, bags of crisps and dirty dishes everywhere. The very day after I told him off… my kitchen counter looked like this.

So tidy!

So tidy!


Needless to day, I’m very very happy that he’s moved upstairs to his own room.


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