Long Weekend

On Friday around noon my mom and I got into the car and drove the 3+ hours to get to Ullared. It’s a small, town (village?) in Sweden that has one thing going for it; Gekås. You may wonder what this weird, Swedish word is… and it’s the name of a huge store. It’s got pretty much everything, and at low costs. Which means it’s a lot of fun to go there once a year or every other year to look around and maybe get some bargains.

You can get anything from clothes, to dog toys, to car supplies, to cosmetics, to home decoration… Well, you get the point.

Anyway, we thought it’d be a nice little outing, and rented a small cabin where we would stay the night and shop on Saturday. My sister, H, decided to join as well and took a train up from down south where she lives, meeting us there.

Friday my mom and I did a little bit of shopping while waiting for H’s train to arrive. I managed to find a new dog bed for Bailey. Which, naturally, he is completely ignoring in favour of my bed and couch. At least the cat likes it I guess… We then picked up H, and went to eat at a restaurant. We were having a hard time finding one with a table available at first, since apparently every restaurant in town had “After Work”.

Eventually we found one that was nearly empty. Which was a little bit worrying since all the others were filled to the brim… But it turned out to be decent enough food, so I can’t complain.

After spending the night in our little cabin, the shopping commenced! It was fun, though I wish the headache from hell would have stayed home. And I do sometimes wonder what I’m thinking when I plan these things. Sleeping in a bed that my back doesn’t like, and walking for hours… Let’s just say that the day was rather painful. But… I can’t let my fibromyalgia and CFS rule my life, and so I do it anyway. Pain and tiredness be damned. I may have been paying for it in pain, but at least I had a good time!

No great purchases made though, but my mom got a really nice looking Spring coat. And I bought my nephew a onesie, and he looks so incredibly adorable in it, that it was well worth the entire weekend! (I may try to get a photo of it at some point.)

I think it’s difficult to explain this place to people not from Sweden. People actually travel from all over the country to shop there. They even had a reality tv-show showing the shoppers! Some families shown on the show would save their money all year, then go there and buy all the cleaning supplies, clothes and everything else that they’d need for the next year. Basically going there with their caravan and staying for days while they bought everything. Insane!

Does anyone else have anything like that where they live? A store so well-known and cheap that people basically make a pilgrimage!


Long Weekend — 3 Comments

  1. We don’t! We do get people coming from different places to shop at our malls, but not at any specific store. We just seem to have a lot of malls.

    • Canada the shopping mecca? 😀

      We have malls here in Sweden too.. but normal prices I guess, so it doesn’t get the same way as this particular place. At times people seriously queue just to get in to shop, for 1-3 hours. They have their own camping, hotel AND motel for people to come and stay!

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