Long weekend

This has been a pretty long and trying weekend, though I suspect even more for my brother than I. At the moment I’m staying in his house, and on Friday we picked up his two kids (he has my nephew every other week, and my niece every other weekend, so basically we pick them up together, but she goes back to her mother sooner). As it turned out… My nephew had the stomach flu, so we spent the entire afternoon and evening on Friday taking care of him.

He was in such a sorry state as well. It had apparently started already on Thursday morning, so by the time he came to us he was exhausted. To the point where he would just sort of fall into a heap on the floor, and you had to carry him. This is a kid that’ll be four in August and usually wants to prove that he can do everything himself. Whether he can or not.

Saturday he had stopped vomiting at least, but he was still exhausted and spent the entire day lying on the couch/in bed half watching movies and half asleep. We figured at that point that the worst was over.


Around 10pm on Saturday the niece woke up in her cot, sat up… And started vomiting. Since she’s just over one year old, it’s a lot more difficult to deal with. Panic, since she doesn’t know what’s going on… Inability and unwillingness to vomit into something tidy, like a bucket. You get the idea.

Today (Sunday) she was at least not longer vomiting, just very tired and feverish. She spent the majority of the day plastered to me on the couch, too tired to move. Normally she’ll be running around touching everything. For once I could actually leave the dog’s food and water bowls on the floor, she didn’t even think about messing with them.

Poor kids. I feel bad for my brother though, as well. I helped as much as I could, but obviously he did most of the work – cleaning up, washing bedclothes… I’m just glad that both of the kids seem to be getting better now. Hopefully they’ll both be feeling better by tomorrow.


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  1. Throwing up is so hard on the body. I felt like I had run a marathon the last time I was sick with the stomach flu. I am glad they aren’t vomiting anymore! Poor kids.

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