I’m a bad blogger…

I have lots of things to write, even if it’s small little updates about my life and those around me.. but I just never get around to me. Bad blogger is bad.

So, this post is just going to be some quick, brief notes (and photos!) about a couple of things I’ve not gotten around to write about.

Viggo’s Birthday

So, in August my one and only baby nephew turned one year old! I can’t believe how fast time flies, since I swear he was just born.. but here he is, a proper little toddler! He’s adorable as ever and I always have a great time when I see him. (Which is fairly often, fortunately, since he lives in the apartment upstairs!)

Viggo got his own little birthday cake. He finished all of it. “Winning!”

Viggo together with his youngest uncle; my little brother Fredrik.

Mom’s dog, Bella, was bored with the entire affair..


New Family Member

I’ve been taking care of a little dog for about a month since her owner works in Norway during the weeks and is only home for the weekends. About a week ago he asked me if I wanted her full-time, since he feels that he doesn’t have the time for her, and it’s not nice to have her move back and forth all the time. Having already fallen in love with her during the month I had her, I couldn’t refuse the offer.. and so there is a new member of the family; little Molly.

She gets along really well with Bailey and Saga, which makes me happy. I still haven’t gotten used to how tiny she is though. She’s only just barely bigger than the cat!

Molly (who can’t be still enough to not have an unfocused photo!)

Bailey (since you can’t have a photo of one dog and not the other!)


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